There are many places to begin hunting for new things to see in Second Life. My current favorite spot to go check out has to be the Mesh Sandbox regions (which you can access after joining the "Mesh Volunteers" group in-world)! Pre-warning. You must be using the proper viewer in order to view Mesh items correctly.

You can download that viewer here:

After you have the proper viewer installed you will want to go exploring mesh enabled regions. The Second Life wiki has a listing of Mesh enabled regions that you can go. You can find those regions by looking here:

During my last trip to one of the Mesh Sandboxes I stumbled across some new experiments from miss Claudia222 Jewell (whom I wrote about a few months back on nwn). Her new Mesh pieces while still works in progress show how much smoother and prim friendly mesh creations have the potential for being. What I love about her style is the use of the organic textures combined with the fantastical designs. Her statues are always exotic and a bit erotic (not unlike the artist herself). Below is a short machinima clip of Claudia's surreal snail creatures and strange woman surrounded by and perched upon by birds (my new personal favorite from her).

Keep an eye out for more mesh creations to grace the grid soon!

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  1. pyewacke says:

    i thought to add this i used 'make human' once and it worked, but i have to put frustrations aside and learn to make mesh proper!

  2. pyewacke says:

    you can also upload mesh using Kirstens viwer 21.9

    from the bog: The new build, number 9. Builds for Windows and Linux are already online, Mac will follow soon. The main changes for this build are the bugs fixed in the cycle of S21(8) and, more important, the ability to upload mesh in the Agni (maingrid) sandboxes. And yes, view them too. It is merged with the latest updates from LL (version 2.8.2) with of course KL's own flavor of changes/fixes.

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