Blogger-Fashion-Junkie-Fanged-Diva-Of-The-SL-Runway Winter Jefferson is this weeks featured Koinup user! Or as he likes to call himself: "The only Australian Vampire knight fashionisto on the grid. So far." Whether he is undead, hybrid creature,or couture prince, he is always unique. (Not to mention extremely cheeky!)

Not only is he a fan of the runway but he makes time to visit some of the most remarkable sims in SL both for the blog and for his own personal pleasure. Winter is one of those characters whether you love him or hate him make SL more entertaining.

"Yes; I wear sequinned hotpants. It's less girly when you wear them over tights. Yuh huh."
- Winter (From his fashion blog: "In Cold Blood")

Winter please don't ever change.

You can find Winter's Koinup page here:

Or see more at his personal blog:

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  1. Elusyve says:

    Winter is one of those rare vainpyres that actually has a heart, and you can see that he puts it into everything he does, as well as giving it fully to those he loves. But shhh, you didnt hear nice things from me. *HATE*

  2. He is amazingly talented. Even if he is a Fucker. ~Gidge

  3. Ahmad07 says:

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