Quanah hits the grid this Friday with his debut performance to be held at Club Graffiti in The Village at 2pm slt. As Wagner said this morning: "insiders hint that he's going to be the biggest breakout pop star to play in SL since Sean "Skye Galaxy" Ryan hit the metaverse".

Here is a glimpse of the voice that has people talking:

Quanah already has a growing fanbase in SL and he has not even hopped in world officially yet.
Make sure you catch him performing in world when you can.
This is a show worth stopping in for.

Quanah is one talented artist/producer who already has a strong following.
Already experienced with working with artists, video game publishers, and animation/film production companies. Not just a performer but an all around artist. Constantly pushing himself to create and explore new things. This is a musician that you will be glad you got to drop in on so do yourself a favor and stop in for a live show.

Don't forget.

Friday, August 12th
2 pm slt

Here is your SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Good%20Day%20Sunshine/141/73/21

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  1. Apmel says:

    He was good! But after all the write up he was also bound to be somewhat of a dissapointment anyway. Oh, well..

  2. Emily says:

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