What exactly is Dark Moon? I took a small step into the world of Nepherses Amat to find out. When you first approach the entrance you have several options that you may choose to begin your journey. No matter which path you take, you will be led into a magical area littered with vivid plantlife. Crawling with strange ridable seed pods, lilys, and hovering landscapes this is a land of variance.

To make a long story short, this mystical sim hosts an ecosystem thriving with strange mythical plant(beings? o.O). The plants that thrive here are colorful and ever-changing. As far as I understand there are even flying hippo(babies?). Your guess is as good as mine. When you come to visit this universe please allow for some serious exploring time as there is much to be seen.

It would take me many many words and hours of exploring and researching to really fully understand the inner-workings of the sim and all of the organic inhabitants. If you are interested in learning more about the sim and the ecosystem of Dark Moon there is an article Nepherses has availiable here:
THE BOG: Ecosystem of Dark Moon

Click here to visit Dark Moon:

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  1. Nepherses says:

    Why thank you, Cole! I welcome guests at Dark Moon, and I am very happy you stopped by! I would suggest clicking on the welcome sign to get a notecard and a gift. The gift was donated by Shenn Coleman, and it is a wonderful flying bubble from which you can explore Dark Moon! Again, I am so glad you are doing this blog and keeping us updated with artistic events in SL! Also, it was great hearing you sing the other day!

  2. Zola Zsun says:

    i love Dark Moon...my friend Nepherses made it.. so i may see biased.. until YOU go to Dark Moon. i highly recommend taking a quick look at the notes on the ecosystem... it is full of loving relationships to which we can all contribute.. :)
    go . go to Dark Moon :)

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