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Aussie Vamp Fashionisto Winter Jefferson is this weeks featured Koinup user: Read More ...

Before I begin this post, I would just like to apologize for my sudden and abrupt break from this blog. Like everyone I have my own career and plans and things going on in my life. Between the sudden upswing in my music career and my artistic life I had to take a step back recently. Coupled with the moments of distress I had while working in SL it all piled up on me. The quiet backlash from the very people I was trying to help. The secret bullying, was the straw that broke the camel's back so to speak for me and as a result I needed some time away.

I have taken some time away from SL to refocus and work on my projects. Now that it is more in balance I just wanted to say that I will continue to film and report and do this blog, but now, only when I feel inspired or touched by something. I will keep the blog a regular thing although not a bi-daily thing. It was exhausting me and I wanted to put my heart more into my own projects and not everyone else's for a while. That being said...

I hopped back into SL a week or so ago on the regular again and spent some time catching up with friends and Burning Lifer's. One of these installations that I jumped over to was the ever colorful work of Mikati Slade. Mikati is one of those people that once you see her work you never forget it. Child-like and full of playfulness. Her builds capture the spirit of digital creation. In her own words about her recent work at Burning Life she shares: "Burn2 is one of the few opportunities for me to be able to exhibit my artwork. I find that the energy and mood of the community during Burns to be very exciting. As a result of this, I attempted to do my best with that. This artwork shows the moment of a rite of passage. For me, it is about the feeling of fear and hope mixed together during the same moment. It is about positive motivation and my hope is for people to have enjoyed this work."

Below I have added a short video clip I made during the visit I paid her.
I hope you enjoy as much as I enjoyed my visit!

Blogger-Fashion-Junkie-Fanged-Diva-Of-The-SL-Runway Winter Jefferson is this weeks featured Koinup user! Or as he likes to call himself: "The only Australian Vampire knight fashionisto on the grid. So far." Whether he is undead, hybrid creature,or couture prince, he is always unique. (Not to mention extremely cheeky!)

Not only is he a fan of the runway but he makes time to visit some of the most remarkable sims in SL both for the blog and for his own personal pleasure. Winter is one of those characters whether you love him or hate him make SL more entertaining.

"Yes; I wear sequinned hotpants. It's less girly when you wear them over tights. Yuh huh."
- Winter (From his fashion blog: "In Cold Blood")

Winter please don't ever change.

You can find Winter's Koinup page here: http://www.koinup.com/WinterJefferson

Or see more at his personal blog: http://incoldbloodsl.blogspot.com

There are many places to begin hunting for new things to see in Second Life. My current favorite spot to go check out has to be the Mesh Sandbox regions (which you can access after joining the "Mesh Volunteers" group in-world)! Pre-warning. You must be using the proper viewer in order to view Mesh items correctly.

You can download that viewer here: http://secondlife.com/support/downloads/

After you have the proper viewer installed you will want to go exploring mesh enabled regions. The Second Life wiki has a listing of Mesh enabled regions that you can go. You can find those regions by looking here: http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Mesh/Mesh_regions

During my last trip to one of the Mesh Sandboxes I stumbled across some new experiments from miss Claudia222 Jewell (whom I wrote about a few months back on nwn). Her new Mesh pieces while still works in progress show how much smoother and prim friendly mesh creations have the potential for being. What I love about her style is the use of the organic textures combined with the fantastical designs. Her statues are always exotic and a bit erotic (not unlike the artist herself). Below is a short machinima clip of Claudia's surreal snail creatures and strange woman surrounded by and perched upon by birds (my new personal favorite from her).

Keep an eye out for more mesh creations to grace the grid soon!

Since 2005 IT'S ART is a website run and maintained by only one person, offering a free gallery for all CG Artists and an always inspiring source of news for the CG Community. IT'S ART announced a few months back about their CG Competition "Human Nature" and have since extended their deadline for entry to September 30th!

The challenge is divided in two categories :

2D & 3D Stills Pictures
Animation / VFX ( movies )

*ANY animation style is allowed!
I personally think it would be interesting to see some machinima entered...

Awarded composer Justin Lassen has provided two music tracks for the animation / VFX section
and artists will be asked to use it ( or part of it ) in their production.

To find out about how to enter you can read more here: http://www.itsartmag.com/features/chaltest/

Quanah hits the grid this Friday with his debut performance to be held at Club Graffiti in The Village at 2pm slt. As Wagner said this morning: "insiders hint that he's going to be the biggest breakout pop star to play in SL since Sean "Skye Galaxy" Ryan hit the metaverse".

Here is a glimpse of the voice that has people talking:

Quanah already has a growing fanbase in SL and he has not even hopped in world officially yet.
Make sure you catch him performing in world when you can.
This is a show worth stopping in for.

Quanah is one talented artist/producer who already has a strong following.
Already experienced with working with artists, video game publishers, and animation/film production companies. Not just a performer but an all around artist. Constantly pushing himself to create and explore new things. This is a musician that you will be glad you got to drop in on so do yourself a favor and stop in for a live show.

Don't forget.

Friday, August 12th
2 pm slt

Here is your SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/Good%20Day%20Sunshine/141/73/21